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About Us


Our first amendment right to free speech is certainly one that is inalienable. However, we recognize (especially in the current political climate) that many people do not feel comfortable sharing their political thoughts, opinions, and analyses online or in person, no matter what their political affiliation may be. Many (including us) feel that we may lose friends, miss out on job opportunities, be denied academic endeavours, or just get plain "cancelled" if we voice our thoughts, whatever they may be. This is why we felt it was necessary to create a "newspaper" or rather a platform free from the infiltrating and manipulative control of the media and give a voice to YOU as well as expose you to a multitude of differing views all in one place. You can feel safe and secure sharing your political opinions and analyses AND have your work published, without any fear or hesitation because everything is ANONYMOUS. No accounts, no contact information, just writing. We are open to Americans of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, economic brackets, and political backgrounds. Political correctness is NOT practised here, we only ask you to be respectful. We do not tolerate hate speech in any way, shape or form. See guidelines for hate speech.

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