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How #AllBuildingsMatter says a lot about society today

Friday of this week marked 19 years since the tragedy of the September 11th attack. The hashtag “AllBuildingsMatter” began to trend on twitter. It was started to prove a point to those previously stating that “All Lives Matter” when speaking about the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality. People who used this tag made statements such as “Maybe if the buildings moved out the way or I dunno 'complied' they'd still be there", and "9/11 is sad but let's remember that "#AllBuildingsMatter”. While some are understanding of the “point” trying to be made by those using the hashtag, many are outraged at the disrespect to the tragedy and lives lost.

This trend is insensitive and disheartening. The events of 9/11 are not at all something one should joke about. The fact that people would try to use this tragedy to further their political agenda is shocking to me. I do not understand why anyone would even try to relate the two subjects. One thing has nothing to do with the other. I don’t see why people simply cannot honor the day and respect the innocent lives lost without having to make it about race or politics. That day the world saw the actions of true heroes. My dad lost a friend who ran up into the building to save people’s lives. People woke up that day not knowing it would be their last day on earth. People hugged and kissed each other goodbye that morning, not knowing they wouldn’t return home. How is this something to take lightly? There were people of every color inside of that building - different religions, races, ethnicity’s, ages, genders. This was a human loss. An American loss. My parents tell me the unity seen after this tragedy was unparalleled. They say following this tragedy the country came together in an incredible way. This trend sheds a light on the division seen throughout our current society, and how so many things are being unnecessarily politicized. It saddens me to see the world so divided today, even on something as devastating as the events of September 11th. What needs to happen for people to come together again? That thought truly scares me.


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